Durotherm SIDE GRIP 22CM

Chrome Redesign Inox

Information etched onto cooker base


Part Image Description Quantity
KR1417 Grip Bolt and Spring Grip Bolt and Spring
KR1488 Valve Cap Valve Cap
KR1554 Valve Seal Valve Seal
KR1621 Valve Housing Stainless Steel Valve Housing Stainless Steel
KR1485 Complete Valve Assembly Complete Valve Assembly
KR1501 Silicone Gasket 1501 Silicone Gasket 1501
KR1565 Push-in SI Valve Push-in SI Valve
KR3319 Trivet Trivet *
KR3122 Valve Spring Valve Spring
KR3348 Lock Nut Lock Nut
KR3851 Valve Stem and Spring Valve Stem and Spring
* Stock held at the manufacturer, please allow upto 30 days delivery.